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Whats Up with That? - FAQ

Urology health questions we can answer for you.


Many of these questions are answered on our blog site: 

Or see the Blog page on this site. 


Check back for content to be added.  

Or ask a question on the Contact Us page and we will respond to you.


PSA - Should I have this test?  What is the USPSTF ?

Do they care if you die from prostate cancer ? The answer is "no".  See wordpress above. 


Men:  "I can't pee"  What do I do now ?

Medication ?


What is the Urolift procedure ?  See


How much water should I drink?  - Ask a urologist.


Why is there blood (gross or microscopic hematuria) in my urine?


Men: Why do I have trouble emptying my bladder and get up several times at night to urinate? 


Women:  Why do I leak urine when I have the urge to urinate or when I cough or sneeze?


Men:  Why is my sex drive, libido decreased?  Why are my erections diminished?


Women:  Why do I have frequent bladder infections,

(urinary tract infections, UTIs)?


Men:  Should I have the PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test to screen for prostate cancer? 


Women: Why is my sex drive, libido decreased after my kids were born?


Men and Women:  What foods should I eat or avoid for urology and overall health?


Reading List:


Eating on the Wild Side, Jo Robinson.  Simple practical information on the phytonutrient value of vegetables and fruits.  See blog about food and nutrution:


China Study, T. Colin Campbell, PhD.  A scholarly and research based book about diet and health.  It's not about China.  Impress your friends with proven facts and data. 

See blog about food and nutrition:











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